Welcome to the course 

Thank you for joining the course! It’s nice to have you on here. In the next few steps, we will guide you into the overview of the Certificate Course in Broadcast Presentation and Production. We will also provide information on how the online course runs. You will also find on this site our team of educators. And then, we will give you a chance to give us moderate insight into your profile.

Course Overview

This course aims at refining your innate talent in oratory creativity to become a skilful and fantastic broadcaster, popular public speaker and outstanding voice-over artist. We run a curriculum rich in practical exposures and activities to earn you adequate confidence to perform excellently as a radio/TV presenter, public speaker/Master of Ceremony and voice-over talent.

What will you learn?

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Practice as a freelance/independent presenter and mediapreneur
  2. Design your own radio/TV programme
  3. Artfully present on radio and television
  4. Practice as a Master of Ceremony/compere
  5. Render service as a voice-over artist independently and for advertising agencies

Meet the Team 

Who will support your learning?

• This course is provided to you by TNM Media Academy using the expertise of the programme team to help you acquire the necessary and cognate skills to succeed in your media and broadcasting career.

• TNM Media Academy envisions being a world-class academy for media skills acquisition and upskilling.

• Media experts of diverse backgrounds will go through the programme in just 13 weeks.

The Course Instructors

  1. Mr. Abdulrazaq Abdulganeey (Mr. GRA)
  2. Dr. Kamoru Salaudeen
  3. Mrs. Bolatito Joseph
  4. Mr. Seun Akinola
  5. Mr Tope Falaaanu
  6. Mr. Wale Olalere
  7. Mr Adesokan Hakeem

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What Courses Can You Enrol on?

  1.  Rudiments of Customer Relations Management:

Learn effective communication techniques for customer service excellence.

Master the art of building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Gain insights into customer behaviour and satisfaction.

  1. Voice Over Training:
    • Unlock the potential of your voice and become a skilled voice-over artist.
    • Explore various voice modulation techniques and styles.
    • Practice voice-over scripts and receive constructive feedback.
  1. Broadcast Presentation:
    • Prepare for a dynamic career in broadcast journalism.
    • Develop on-camera presence and delivery skills.
    • Learn to report news confidently and engage your audience.
  1. Acting & Performance:
    • Embrace the world of acting and performance arts.
    • Hone your acting skills through improvisation and scene study.
    • Explore character development and stage presence.
  1. Script Writing:
    • Craft compelling narratives for various media platforms.
    • Master the art of storytelling, character development, and plot structure.
    • Create scripts for film, television, and theatre.
  1. Screen Writing:
    • Dive into the world of screenwriting for film and television.
    • Develop screenplays, and learn dialogue writing and scene construction.
    • Explore the intricacies of visual storytelling.
  1. Digital Storytelling:
    • Harness the power of digital media to tell engaging stories.
    • Combine multimedia elements like text, images, and videos for impactful narratives.
    • Learn to create compelling content for online platforms.
  1. Public Speaking:
    • Overcome stage fright and become a confident public speaker.
    • Master speech organization, delivery techniques, and persuasive speaking.
    • Develop skills to captivate and inspire your audience.
  1. Elocution Training:
    • Refine your pronunciation, articulation, and speech clarity.
    • Learn the art of effective communication through clear and concise speech.
    • Improve your overall speaking skills for various media roles.
  1. Basics of English Language for Media Performance:
    • Build a strong foundation in the English language for media roles.
    • Enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and language fluency.
    • Develop communication skills tailored for media contexts.
  1. Basics of Yoruba Language for Media Performance:
    • Explore the fundamentals of Yoruba language and culture.
    • Acquire language skills to excel in media roles related to Yoruba-speaking audiences.
    • Learn pronunciation, conversation, and cultural nuances.

Whether you’re already practicing or still finding your route or feet into the media industry, these programmes are for you.

Are you a leader where you work or you’re looking forward to a leadership position soon? Enroll to fortify yourself for the leadership position. These professional courses will help you live up to expectations.

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