OGBENI FALAANU WASIU TEMITOPE, a full bred on-air personality with specialty in
Yoruba programmes and presentation with over a decade experience as a freelance and
independent broadcaster and producer. His tentacles spread fairly across the south-western
part of Nigeria in broadcast practice. Some of the broadcast stations where he features include
Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), Osun State Broadcasting Corporation
(OSBC), Ogun State Television (OGTV), Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC),
Premier FM, Ibadan, Orange FM, Akure,
He has a degree in Yoruba Language from the prestigious premier university, University of Ibadan.
Ogbeni Falaanu has equally written some useful and interesting novels as well as text books in
his language of expertise. Notable among these are Yoruba, Aago Alaago, Abefe N Rele Eko,
Alabi Olori Odo, Ipele Eko Ede Yoruba Titun Series 1-6 for Primary schools. Note only this,
Ogbeni Falaanu, being a diverse creative mind has also produced a musical album: Ori Mi Gbe